FRiday Night HAllelujah

"Well. We did it. Last year I released my first EP, "Coming Back Stronger." Seeing it climb the charts on iTunes the day it released was one of the coolest experiences of my life. Releasing art is a very vulnerable thing. Writing music is this weird blend of telling your stories while wording it in a way that is relate able to the listener while still maintaining your uniqueness. There is truly nothing like it. 

After my EP was released last year, I had a hankering to keep releasing music. I released an extra single a few months later called "Baptized by the Whiskey" that has become another fan favorite and a staple in my writer round sets. But, I knew that for my next project I wanted to tackle a full album; turning the EP into a teaser for it and allowing something to happen that has become a rarity in Nashville: I wanted the listener to get to know me. 

I started reading the Gospel according to Eric Church around November where he said that he felt like the biggest mistake artist make, especially in Nashville, is to release little digital booklets. The issue becomes that we don't get to know the artist. We can only share so much within the 3:20 that radio grants us to tell a story. So in December in 2018 I went home to Mississippi and locked myself in the room I grew up in, where at 11 years old I began to dream about moving to Nashville to make music and came out with what is now my first album, an LP if you will, entitled "Friday Night Hallelujah."'

- Pat 

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