Patrick is the real deal. A true triple threat. He writes, sings, plays...and it all just sort of oozes out of him like breathing. Be on the lookout for this up and comer!”

— Brent Rader (Producer, Band Leader for Joe Nichols)

After opening for iconic artist such as Sheryl Crow and selling out venues under his own name, Patrick Carpenter's artist campaign has hit the ground running faster than he can believe. A top 5 album "Friday Night Hallelujah," has catapulted a fast paced solo career. A disciple of 80's rock and a student of country, Patrick has found his voice through sonic arena undertones and humble country vibes. His upcoming 2021 project features more of the country music he was raised on. His 2020 single "Meet Mama" features Jenee Fleanor (2019,2020 CMA Musician of the Year) on fiddle as Carpenter is heading back to the more traditional center of the country music genre. 

Patrick Carpenter Discography

Meet Mama

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"Meet Mama" was the second new single from Carpenter featuring Jenee Fleanor (2019,2020 CMA Musician of year) on Fiddle. "Meet Mama" is Carpenter's attempt at more traditional country that will be featured on his 2021 project  

Bottle Time

Carpenter's May 2020 Release

Ready to party, Patrick Carpenter released "Bottle Time" as his night time party anthem for 2020 


Short Bio

Patrick Carpenter is a Singer/Songwriter from Jackson, MS who has been in Nashville since 2014. Starting out as primarily a lead guitar player for several acts in Nashville, Patrick has now begun his campaign as a solo artist in 2018. His first EP, “Coming Back Stronger” climbed all the way to No.13 on the iTunes Charts and Patrick has been tearing down Festivals and Clubs ever since. His new single “Baptized by the Whiskey” is available now and new music is on the way for 2019. Inspired by the guitar players that came before him, Patrick’s Music is a blend of traditional country, mainstream pop and 80’s Arena Rock.

Extended Bio

Patrick Carpenter is a guitar slinger and singer/songwriter from Jackson, Mississippi. Inspired by the legendary guitar players that came before him such as Richie Sambora, Eddie Van Halen and Brad Paisley, he began playing guitar at age 11. After years of playing in bands around Mississippi, he moved to Nashville in 2014 to pursue his dream of an entertainer. Quickly, he was picked up as the lead guitar player for several acts around town starting in 2016. 

After playing festivals, writer nights and many shows on Broadway, Patrick decided to finally begin pursuing as a solo act in 2018. Blurring the lines of traditional Country, 80's arena rock and mainstream pop, Patrick is beginning to find his voice and his sound in the music industry. At times being a little bluesier than mainstream, or a little more country than it's cool, Patrick has developed a sound that is his own, vintage yet modern. His first official EP "Coming Back Stronger" climbed the iTunes Charts to #13 and is available now on iTunes, Amazon, Google play, etc.

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